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Brightflow Plumbing operates across Wangaratta, Bright, Myrtleford and the nearby area. We provide prompt, effective solutions to commercial and residential blocked drains, as well as provide remedial work to your drainage pipes if required. Our friendly, professional plumbing team has the skills and equipment to quickly resolve stubborn blocked drains, leaving your network clear and flowing freely. Available 24/7, our team can attend in an emergency as well as clear a drain at a pre-scheduled appointment.

Trying To Remove Clogged Sinks


The commonest reasons why drains block up is either because the internal condition of the drainage pipes is poor, or because unsuitable materials have been introduced into the drain.

Over time, pipe linings experience wear and tear. This leads to uneven patches on the inner surface, as well as possible alterations to the pipe’s original alignment and gradient. These changes may lead to wastewater slowing at certain points during its journey to the main drain, creating an opportunity for the solid matter to be deposited out. As the waste accumulates, the drainage channel is partially, and sometimes totally, obstructed.

Obstruction occurs much faster if unsuitable waste is tipped down the sink or drain. From discarded fat to stray hairs, Q-tips, cosmetic wipes, food scraps, paint, chemicals and even nappies, any inappropriate waste has the potential to build up, causing a blockage.

Although it’s uncommon, it’s not unknown for a tree root to penetrate into a crack in the pipe, causing an obstruction. Small animals (often rats) may also pass away in the pipe, eventually leading to an unpleasant, stubborn blockage.


If you’re experiencing slow draining sinks of showers, or backflow is returning into the sink bowl or bath, you’ve got a blockage that needs attention.

A toilet whose water level doesn’t return to normal after flushing is also likely to be blocked.

Other signs of obstructed drainage include wastewater flooding out of the drainage grate, gurgles or growls when a sink does drain, intermittent draining and an unpleasant smell with no clear cause.

A CCTV Inspection


If your blockage is due to an uneven or cracked pipe, simply removing the accumulation of detritus won’t solve the problem – you’ll need the pipe replaced or relined. For homes or businesses that are experiencing reoccurring blockage problems, it’s probably worth getting a cable-mounted CCTV inspection of your pipes. This will provide information on any issues you have, providing the information needed for appropriate remedial repairs.


  • State-of-the-art hydro jets, drain snakes and more, allow us to clear almost any type of blockage.
  • Qualified, licensed and time-served plumbers that know what they’re doing.
  • Cable-mounted CCTV inspection available to confirm the location and nature of the blockage.
  • 24-hour service that’s ideal for emergency drain clearing jobs.
  • Fair, transparent pricing and a FREE, no-obligation quote before we start work.
  • Most blockages can be removed swiftly, in a single visit.

Brightflow Plumbing is here for all your drain-clearing work.

Blocked Drains FAQs

What animals can cause blockages in drains?

Aside from the common rat, which is in abundance within underground drainage systems, other animals that can get stuck and pass away in drains include mice, marsupials, weasels and even amphibians like frogs and toads. Other critters such as slugs and snails make themselves at home in drainage systems due to the damp, fetid conditions, but they will rarely cause problems if they die due to their small size.

How much does a plumbing job cost?

Our jobs do not have a fixed price and you will be required to ask for a quote before our arrival, but we aim to keep them fair to your budget. The overall cost will depend on several factors, such as the task’s urgency, necessary repairs, the scale of the problem and how much time is needed from the professional on the scene. Contact us today to see how much your proposed job will cost you.

Can blockages cause my pipes to burst?

Absolutely! If there is a large build-up of gunk and debris in your pipes, then you’re at risk of having them burst. Increased water pressure will accumulate behind the mass, causing a hazard which can expand the metal casing. If this is left too long, the pipe could split and cause extensive flooding and damage to your home.

What is a drain snake?

Despite its name, we don’t use a live reptile to assist us in our job. Instead, a drain snake (also known as a drain auger) is made from either plastic or metal wires which are coiled at the end to form a hook-like shape. They are long and thin, making them suitable to slide down a drain and break apart any obstructive material which is clogging your drainage system.

When might a tree root become an obstruction?

Whilst it’s highly uncommon for a tree root to grow inside a pipe, you’re more likely to find this kind of obstruction occurring if your system is old and unmaintained. Rusty and weakened pipes are generally more cracked in general and can easily allow access to roots which are pushing into new ground in search of water. The best way to avoid this from happening is to have your system checked annually and refurbished when any wear begins to show.

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